Health Technology and Exploration Center

Health Technology and Exploration Center


马努经脉, 首席信息官, 和拉里·马克森, MD, VP, Clinical Information Systems of 金宝搏手机登录's Health Technology Exploration Center
From left to right: 马努经脉, 首席信息官, 和拉里·马克森, MD, VP, Clinical Information Systems.
Building on a long history of advancing the integration and creative application of health care and information technology (IT), Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center has established the Health Technology Exploration Center (HTEC), a novel entity focused exclusively on bringing 金宝搏手机登录's technological prowess to the rest of the world.

这个著名的中心, the first of its kind at a Harvard teaching hospital, will extend the medical center’s international reach through formalized affiliations and technological advances that will be used to transform the medical landscape, making care more efficient, 可访问的, 和集成. HTEC experts will rapidly evaluate and develop emerging high-risk, high-reward technologies to bring innovation to 金宝搏手机登录 and disseminate advances to HTEC partners around the country and across the globe.


Transforming the Medical Landscape


To build and shape scalable technologies that transform the medical landscape making health care more 可访问的, efficient 和集成 to improve lives and cure disease everywhere.


HTEC is a community of world-class clinicians and IT professionals working together to define the future of medicine. 协作驱动, 创造力和激情, we are developing technological solutions for the world’s most urgent health care challenges.


HTEC will explore solving real-world problems affecting the health care community such as patient engagement, 持续护理, 护理质量, 精密医学, access to care and patient privacy.